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P & Vagee


Truly a match made in heaven. Unfortunately for me, I now have to explain to my kid why she can’t dress in one of these big funny costumes for Halloween. But whatever, my problem, not yours. How you managed to dress up like genitalia and still look like assholes is beyond me.


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Because Walmart


Nothing like horsin’ around at Walmart, right guys? Guys? Wait, where is everyone going?!?! That was funny. Screw you guys.


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So Official


Yeah, go ahead and get funny. But this dude holds the whistle, and he who wields the whistle holds the power. He going to “T” up so many people in there and toss them all out for flagrant fouls on the eyes. Matter of fact, I wish he would.


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Pooh Problems


I’ll tell ya one thing, I don’t care how ironically funny you think that tattoo might be, I’m sure as hell not reaching into Pooh’s jar for any damn honey.


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