Question of the Day: Is It Poop?

Is it poop?

Is it poop? What do you think?


19 Responses so far.

  1. OSHA says:

    Feces pieces!

  2. Phil Douglas says:

    It’s poop. You can see where the sphincter pinched off one of the pieces.

  3. Hey Bud says:


  4. Will Fox says:

    And it fell through the wires to the floor. And that’s not from a dog either!! That is some baby-momma too **cking lazy to take junior to the restroom, so she just let him poop right through the grates of the cart!! White trash strikes again.

    • dlsafd says:

      Nice try.
      You know it was some nig trying to convince someone that their life matters.

    • BLM4Eva says:

      BLM, right?

    • End the Sluts says:

      Worthless sluts come in all races – white, black, Latino, asian. The first three r the worst as it’s embedded into the culture – fuck around, stick just anyone’s cock in u, get pregnant, get money and benefits from various sources. The government feeds into it too. They don’t care what u did to have the kids, as long as u have them legally, they reward u. They don’t give a fuck about if u don’t have kids tho. N females have no shame either – they feed into the whole sex object idea. They dress like complete cartoon trash, act like complete trash, but deserve respect. U want respect? Be respectful. Don’t b a hoe. N teach men to not me lousy scum either. It takes both sides to create immorality and the downfall of society. Men r not the only problem. They’re only half of it.

  5. dlsafd says:

    Brought to you by a piece of shit who brings a stupid f ucking dog into a store.
    Real service dogs do NOT shit in the store.
    If you bring your pet into a store you are a FU CKING RE TARD!

  6. rudy says:

    This is really nothing new. In the 1970’s we were locking up a K-mart one night and in clearing the store discovered SHIT written in feces on a ladies bathroom wall. Regardless of ethnicity some folks are just bat shit crazy.

  7. Steve Canyon says:

    Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo shows up earlier every year

  8. JudyG says:

    Sure aint a Tootsie Roll.

  9. Scorched Earth says:

    Shit happens

    Scorched Earth

  10. Public Enema says:

    It’s really gonna hit the fan at reeses when they realize how quality control has gone to the shits.

    Public Enema

  11. ZenDissonance says:

    Taste it.

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