The Rare Reverse Fupa

Reverse Fupa

Reverse Fupa


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  1. Steve Canyon says:

    Beef Flabs

  2. norm says:

    reverse camel toe

  3. OSHA says:

    What’s it called? “Disgusting”.

  4. JudyG says:

    It is called an overweight woman in her 50’s who does not exercise.

    • Canuckguy NB says:

      It’s also a woman who has no clue of what her ass looks like in clingy PJ’s.
      The only explanation is that she is a moron.

  5. Wilbur kookmeyer says:

    Hind Pork Quarters

  6. Richard says:

    Audrey II from “Little Shop of Horrors”.

  7. Joe Scheiss says:

    Nemesis probably parted that crack a few times.

  8. scott allen says:

    Well everyone should the answer, she is running for president, “kameltoe”

  9. Public Enema says:

    I’ve heard of spotted dick but spotted ass?

  10. Public Enema says:

    On closer inspection I think it might have teeth.

  11. mvpken says:

    It’s the opposite of a “fupa.” It’s a “pupa.”

  12. Scorched Earth says:

    Now that is one ugly-ass ass.

    Scorched Earth

  13. Steve Canyon says:

    As disgusting as the visual on this is, if that cleft wasn’t there, it’d take on a completely different, and a lot more vile connotation.

  14. Danny says:

    This is called the “HELL NO!!!”

  15. Jeff O says:

    auxiliary ass

  16. Shontrelle Jackson says:

    That bitch has a prolapsed GUNT. If you haven’t heard, a GUNT is when you so fat, your gut and you know what, merge into one nasty piece of dead fish.

  17. Dar Winn says:

    That causes erectile dysfunction for ever.

  18. Wayner says:

    Looks like “Hungry Bum” to me

  19. daniel says:

    Manatee lips

  20. Deeke says:

    If no one wants that, I’ll hit it!

  21. Bob says:

    I’ve always called it a pinch butt

  22. Daniel says:

    Its an older female surviving on what she can afford to where; or, wearing something to make her feel confortable.

    She obviously doesnt have an image problem, so why should we be the ones making fun of her or, mocking her appearance???

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way… , but railing up hate because of the someone looks… Is plain WRONG!

    • therealswimmy says:

      What it is called is someone who shops at Walmart. Walmart is primarily advertised to people who never have and never will visit any type of beauty shop / designer store / anyplace that is for people of society to make themselves look like decent humans. Not everyone who shops there is gross, however the blatantly low prices on certain goods and how they advertise, they primarily bring in the people from the fringes of society. (Of course, it also depends on where the store is located)

  23. Ashley Durden says:

    Hank Hill’s a drag queen???

  24. Dale the Whale says:

    that’s called, “the gribble”.

  25. Gazzax says:

    Well, I wouldn’t put my nose up her arse and sniff.

  26. Barbara Burns says:

    Buck pucker.

  27. scream says:

    That’s called “Old Lady Ass Underhang”.

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