(S)He Said (S)He Said

Today I went to Walmart to pick up a couple things with my dad. We walk in and see this… person in the middle of the aisle talk loudly while pushing a carriage. They were creating traffic and being obxnoxious. Now, I’m pretty sure it was women but it could very well be a man. They had short hair, sunglasses, a flat chest, tons of tattoos, a fairly deep voice, and baggy clothes. My dad and I scurried past, grabbed what we needed and went to check out. My dad suggested we go to aisle 8. We get in line, and there is that person again. This time, they’re with a greasy, country-era older man. The whole time (s)he won’t shut up and acts like (s)he’s on crack or speed. (S)he goes on and on about how she bought some pants (little boy jeans) for their self and boombox so they can listen to it really loudly so the nieghbors will yell at them. And (s)he was planning on watching the trains go by. (S)he said all this and was driving the carriage around in circles while waiting for her(?) partner to finish checking out. That was by far the wierdest walmart experiance I’ve had in a while…..

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