pet monkey


Get A Job!


Come on lady! I think it’s about time we get serious, okay? This is getting a little embarrassing on your part. If he is old enough for a shirt and tie then I think it’s time for him to put his teddy bear down.


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I’m Gonna Come At You Like a Spider Monkey


I was going to yell about the safety and sanitary conditions of shopping with your pet monkey thing, but you put it in a tiny dress so I can’t say anything that doesn’t involve the word ‘adorable’.


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Who Flung Poo?


She is probably trying to convince the nice elderly woman that the little ball of sh*t that was thrown at her face must have come from some other monkey, because little Kiki wouldn’t do such a thing.


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Did You Bring Me A Monkey?

Should we be thanking him for keeping outbreak over there on such a heavy-duty chain, or should we call someone to come and do something? I feel the latter is more appropriate.


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