The Intanet

My Korean friend works in a Walmart in Tennessee, so naturally you see plenty of stereotypical rednecks and such down there in just a day.

He was assisting a woman in finding a few skin products she needed when they ran into one that my friend knew they didn’t sell. Probably because it was a Target brand. The woman threw a fit about it and said she would never leave them alone until they had it in stock. He tried to tell her that certain brands are restricted to certain lines of stores and that this certain brand was not one Walmart could possibly sell, as well as recommending similar products that they did sell and had in stock. She complained that she “don’t have this problem” when she “buy from the intanet.”

The woman claimed that he was trying to rip her off and get more money from her for a lower quality product. After repeating his explanation for about the fifth time, the lady cut him off and told him to learn English because of his slight accent and told him she was going to complain to his manager and ask for the “crazy chinky crackhead” to be fired. My friend simply buried his face in his hands and said “okay.”

Turns out, this lady kept her word and my friend was spoken to about it. Spoken one word, that was “What?” followed by a storm of laughter.

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