This trip to Walmart either went really bad or really good

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This trip to Walmart either went really bad or really good, 7.8 out of 10 based on 124 ratings

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  1. Bubba says:

    Smoking in a Walmart?

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  2. JVK says:

    Perhaps this one slipped through, normally this site does not show employees.

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  3. Ted says:

    Well I guess we know what happened to Glen after Superstore was canceled.

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  4. Frank McCarthy says:

    Isn’t the guy who just recently trashed an entire Walmart…I mean he went trough every aisle eating and drinking products like an orangutan hopped up on methamphetamines. He literally poured “Kefir” the yogurt drink over his head, nibbles on fruits and candies knocking down displays, at one point he started removing his clothing like a drunken Chippendale’s dancer on PCP!
    Some folks and employees followed him with entreaties to cease and desist.
    He had nothing of it barely paid attention to anyone.
    What is the come-away? Where in tarnation were the security?
    Agreed the optics of trying to arrest/remove a man who is decompensating physiologically, on lord knows how many drugs?…that or if is having a schizophrenia induced event?
    Then again who would want to mess with this dude, would if he ‘tanks’, if he resists arrest that would make for a bad optic no Walmart? don’t want to be blamed for no violence against a soul brother now do we?

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