We Found Captain Winky!

It was a wonderful morning at the local Walmart. I had worked for them for about 6 years at this point. I had seen some some funny stuff in my time, but this one took the cake. We had just opened the store and a wonderful woman walked in wearing a white tube top and a pink mini skirt. She grabbed a cart and went about her shopping. As she walked to the front of the store, my fellow associates were all out in the middle of the aisle looking at her. Then it happened. Something fell out of her cart and as she went to pick it up, something fell out of skirt. Yes, whatever was holding her manhood up came loose and there it was for everyone to see. They all quickly turned away. She figured out what happend and quickly tried to put back what had fallen and continued to the check out. I quickly turned to find my manager to ask if I could go home cause I felt suddenly ill.

State: OH

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