WTH is This?

Saw this at a Walmart bathroom. I still don’t know what it is.

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  1. Kipper says:

    Binocular or rifle scope covers.

    Oh, and don’t eat the big white mint!

  2. Timothy S Norfolk says:

    A security tag

  3. Richard says:

    Lens caps for a rifle scope.

  4. Maeralius says:

    It’s a security device known as a spider.
    Someone probably stole something and removed
    the spider in the bathroom

  5. James says:

    They put it on electronics to set off an alarm at the door to prevent theft. Works well doesn’t it?

  6. Jroberts says:

    It’s a security sensor called a spider wrap that goes around expensive items.

  7. Dave says:

    Looks like the security device off the high end merch

  8. Rick Seiden says:

    If you are looking at this and wondering what it is, like the poster, it’s a security device to make sure you don’t steal something. They wrap it around a box with the pucks on the front and back and the wires going around the side.

  9. Old Man says:

    This appears to be one of the anti-theft devices employed by retailers. It wraps around whatever they are attempting to keep from being stolen. I’ve seen them on high profile Video releases (Movies, Games, etc.).

  10. Poop says:

    It’s a security sensor that they put on boxes. Usually on electronics, etc.

  11. Walmart Frequent visitor says:

    You’re all wrong! That is a G-string for a not so well endowed man

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