A Light Dusting

We call these “Southern Oops” because it looks bad and you wonder how you can manage to screw something up like this, but if you live in the south you can definitely understand it.

North Carolina

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Who Dey?

Keystone Light? You’d think the Bengals jersey would be a dead giveaway of your poor taste, but I overlooked it. But hey, I guess if my team just extended Marvin Lewis for 2 more years I’d like to put myself in a nice cheap alcohol-induced coma too.


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Eye See You

This is what it looks like if you shave any mom’s head.


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Rap Game

Honestly, it took me like 15 minutes on Google to figure out if he was just a weird dude or a famous rapper. It’s so tough to tell these days. Have you see guys like Post Malone and Action Bronson?


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