McCrazy McCrackhead

A couple years ago I was working at a McDonald’s located inside a Wal-Mart (in Canada). I found out from working there that the purpose of having a McDonald’s in a Wal-Mart is to filter for all the exceptionally crazy people into one area, like a circus. It escalated to the point of being just ridiculous so I quit after a few months. Anyhoo, one of the worst things that happened there was this one man. He wasn’t very old, 50’s probably, but he came in and he was all cracked out asking if he could use the washroom in the McDonald’s. I told him that it was for employees only, and pointed him to the Wal-Mart washroom down the aisle. Minutes pass, then he returns and asks if I can show him exactly where the washroom was. Thinking he was simply a harmless crack head I walked him to the door. BIG MISTAKE. The guy, out of knowhere, freaks right the fuck out, and starts calling me a fag and yelling for the manager.  A Wally World manager came along and escorted him out of the store for me.

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Dirt McGirt

I have worked at Walmart now for about 8 months. I have seen and heard many stories about people stealing merchandise. Well, this one takes the cake. There was a lady in our store one night looking at underwear. This lady was quite large I may add. She approached one of my fellow employees working in lady’s fashion, and asked to try on some underwear. The employee said, “I’m sorry ma’am, but its company policy that you cannot try on underwear, due to health reasons.” The lady looked angry but went on her own way. I was working the next night and I was going around picking up loose merchandise around 9, not too long before the store closes. I was coming by women’s fashion, when I found an empty pack of women’s plus size underwear. I never thought much of it, until I was called back for a clean up in the ladies changeroom. By the looks of it, the lady must have went into the change room, left her dirty, and I mean DIRTY underwear behind, piled on the 6 pairs of underwear, and left. Needless to say I damn well had loads of protection on when I disposed of those. Wow, people can be disgusting!

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Fashion Police


No officer, I did not get dressed in my closet this morning.


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King Of Beers


I guess when nobody else takes the throne somebody has to step up to the plate.


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