Childhood Trauma

My family lived in a tiny North Carolina town where a Walmart was the only store that did not sell quilted objects exclusively. So, even though we hated it, Walmart was our store. One day, I was at the store with my mom. We were getting ready to check-out and the line was quite long. I was hot and tired and driving my mom crazy so she sent me to sit on the bench while she paid.

I sat down, trying to see if my mom was going to buy me some candy, when an old man came and sat down next to me. He was wearing a trucker hat and had the biggest belly I had ever seen. He leaned in and said, “Hey little lady, you wanna see something cool?” I look at him and tentatively nod my head. “Alrighty then!” he says and he takes out his FRONT TEETH! I stared at him in horror and he just laughed at me.

I was seven at the time. Walmart benches still freak me out fifteen years later.

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