She Fancy Huh?


At first glance I was unsure whether she was a classy lady or a ho fo’ sho, but then I saw the tramp stamp which is basically the ho equivalent to the FDA’s seal of approval.


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Animal Hoarders


You know how when someone sees an old unkempt single lady and refers to them as a “crazy cat lady”? It’s because unfortunately they actually exist!


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In The Jungle


Thanks for giving us all a heads up that it’s a veritable jungle down there!


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Walmart Holy War

We were looking for a game at Walmart and my retarded brother thought it would be funny to put his shoes on the wrong feet. So we took a picture of his feet, and there were Muslim people and all you could see was her eyes.she thought we took a picture of her the manager went up to my brother and told him he can’t take pictures in the store. then as we were checking out the manager came up again and told my dad and the manager checked his phone the only picture that we took there was the one of his shoes then we were about to leave and i look over and there were the sheriffs then as he was talking to us another one that knew who my dad was (my dad is a cop) came up and started laughing at the muslims cause they called the cops because they didn’t want their picture on the internet!

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