This was about a year ago while my then fiance, now hubby and I were grocery shopping in a normally quiet and friendly Wally World. All of sudden we heard a high-pitched scream, that was obviously coming from a toddler. It kept coming closer, with each scream only 5-10 seconds apart. When we get the unfortunate moment where we are in the same aisle as this loud toddler girl, we not only lose some of our hearing (literately, my ears where ringing, which apparently means you’ve lost hearing) but we realize that the mother is responding to each scream with, “Stop. Please stop” in a normally pitched voice. But the toddler just responds back with another scream. The WHOLE TIME they were there. We could hear it no matter where we were in the Wally World. We high-tailed it out of there the moment we had enough groceries.

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