Redneck Holiday

So, I’m 16. I have lived in a small, very rural “town” in middle Ga my whole life. We’ve always had a Wal-Mart, an Ingles, grocery store, etc. only until March 17th, 2010 did we get a SUPER Walmart. This is apparently the biggest event in town history, since we have never had a huge franchise open up like this, even though there is a super Wal Mart 15 minutes away. Normally, a new business in our town would open up at 8 am. Wal Mart was not the case. They decided to open up at 7:30 am. this is not a big deal, becuase then the highschoolers and other students could see it before school. Our town has only one highschool, wiht only about 1200 people in it. Well, being a very “country” town, the highschool decided to let the cheerleaders, band, AND chorus be at the “Grand Opening” of Wal Mart.. They cheered, sang, and played for the opening. That’s only half of it. The worst part was that we even had a preacher PRAY over the new Walmart. He EVEN said, “Please let this Walmart be the pot of gold at the end of our rainbow.”
WOW, people in our town are so dumb. The Grand Opening of Walmart was probably the biggest deal that has happened in our town in a long time.

Now THAT’s redneck.

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