The Rattlesnake Bite

LEWISTON, Idaho (AP) — A man says he reached down to pick up a stick lying in the gardening aisle of a Wal-Mart in eastern Washington state, only to discover that it was a rattlesnake that then bit his hand.

Mica Craig says he was shopping in the outdoor garden department of a Clarkston store when he was bitten Saturday. The 47-year-old man says it latched onto his hand and that he screamed, shook loose the snake and stomped it to death.

The Lewiston Tribune in Idaho reports a bystander drove Craig to an emergency room in nearby Lewiston. Craig says he was treated with six bags of anti-venom and was told that his hand could be permanently disfigured.

He says doctors expect him to remain hospitalized until Tuesday.

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Asleep At The Wheel

For about 18 months I worked part-time in Walmart in addition to my full-time job. This one particular night, I was checking out a couple and the whole time the lady was putting her purchases on the counter, she kept giving dirty looks at her husband. He just stood back while she loaded all the groceries on the counter. After everything was checked and loaded in her basket, she stood back and waited for him to pay. He finally shuffled up and just stood at the card reader and when I looked up at him, he was sound ASLEEP!!!! I gently tapped on the counter to wake him up, the lady wouldn’t even look at me. So, he woke up and paid and as they walked away the man’s pants fell down around his ankles. Unfazed, he calmly reached down, pulled them up and kept walking out the store!

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The Walmart From God

BERLIN — After a years-long approval and construction process, the new Super Walmart on Route 50 in Berlin opened early Wednesday morning amid much fanfare and ceremony.

The cavernous new 85,000-square-foot store dwarfs the company’s former facility on the site, which opened in 1999. The old store will eventually be torn down and the site will be paved over to create parking for the new facility, which officially opened around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday and will be open 24 hours a day. In the meantime, shuttles are transporting customers from five stops around the old parking area.

The Super Walmart had been in the planning pipeline for several years before ground was broken on the new facility over a year ago. Store Manager Scott Ficca, who served as master of ceremonies for Wednesday’s ribbon cutting and official opening, said the new store was worth the wait.

“Our customers have waited a long time for this day to come,” he said. “It’s finally here.”

The new store creates a one-stop shopping opportunity for residents and visitors including traditional Walmart merchandise along with a vast grocery section, a pharmacy, auto repair, photo lab and just about everything else consumers need. The bright interior colors create an inviting shopping experience and helps define the store’s merchandise areas. Lower shelving creates improved sightlines and directional signage on every aisle helps customers easily find what they are looking for.
Store associate Tabitha Cartwright sang the national anthem at the start of Wednesday’s ceremony and another store associate, Cathy Shockley, delivered a stirring invocation, tying the recent passing of Easter to the store’s opening.

“The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for us, and now we have a Super Wal-Mart,” she said during Wednesday’s proceedings.

The new Super Walmart, like all new Walmart stores, includes energy-efficient technology and environmentally friendly features to reduce energy and water consumption and minimize waste. The store’s skylights utilize daylight to reduce the amount of energy required to light the facility by up to 75 percent. LED lighting in the store operates 70 percent more efficiently than traditional fluorescent lighting.

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Scratch & Sniff

I worked at my local Walmart for about 6 months and have seen some pretty interesting people, but this one in particular takes the cake. While standing in line at Walmart with my daughter and boyfriend, the woman in front of us, who by no means looked like a creature, shoved her hand down her shorts and then her panties. I thought nothing of it, again, I’ve seen worse. But after itching a very large itch she proceeded to remove her hand and then pull her shorts and underwear down with her hand, thus showing me and my boyfriend her rather large rear end. As if showing a line of people her butt wasn’t good enough, she took her hand sniffed it and then licked her fingers! Honestly, the look on her face when she turned around and saw me laughing was priceless!

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