People Of Walmart: In The News

Port Richey – Police say a fight over a parking space ended with an elderly woman driving around a Walmart parking lot with a man on her hood.

Harold Koller said he got cuts on his hands while clinging to the hood of a car as it drove recklessly through the Walmart parking in Port Richey Monday.

“I was laying on the hood. And I couldn’t breathe,” Koller says. “And I pleaded with her please just stop.”

Koller says he ended up on the hood after 77-year-old Evelyn Danesi plowed into him.

According to police, the two argued over a parking space, one Koller insists he got to first.

Police say Danesi then keyed Koller’s car in retaliation.

Koller says that’s when he called police. But instead of waiting for them arrive, witnesses say Danesi took off, driving right into Koller.

Koller says he hung onto the hood while she allegedly drove through the parking lot making sharp turns and running over curbs.

“She explained to me that she thought the victim was going to do harm to her,” says responding Port Richey Police Officer Gary Lush. “That’s why she acted the way she did.”

Police say Danesi finally stopped when she was cornered by bystanders. Koller says he never meant any harm. He says all he wanted was her information so he could get his car fixed.

“All she had to do was say, I’ll wait for the cops,” Koller says. “That’s all I wanted.”

Danesi has been charged with criminal mischief and assault with a deadly weapon. Bay News 9 could not reach her for comment.

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Peep This

While on R&R leave from our deployment to Afghanistan, my husband and I stopped in to Walmart to get a few things.  In the check-out line I noticed they were advertising chocolate Peeps.  I commented to my husband that I wondered if they were Peeps dipped in chocolate, or chocolate flavored.  The guy behind the register looked like, on his coolest day, a W.O.W. buff and piped up that they were pretty gross.  Then he said, “You want to know the only good thing about Peeps?”  My husband and I asked what that was and he replied, “Watching them explode in the microwave!  It’s so fun, they just explode everywhere!”  Taking our speechlessness for interest, he proceeded to tell us how he once sprayed them down with PAM prior to blowing them up to make the mess easier to clean up, but he didn’t recommend it as it caught his microwave on fire.  He then went on to tell us how his favorite candy was gummy bears, and that his girlfriend bought him a 1 pound gummy bear for his birthday.  She was going to spring for the 5 pounder but she couldn’t spare the $30.  At this point, I was just impressed he had a living, breathing girlfriend.

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People Of Walmart: In The News

EAST GREENBUSH — A Rensselaer woman had her three-year-old daughter with her when she was caught stealing for the second time from the East Greenbush Walmart, according to East Greenbush Police.28-year-old Trisha Palmer was arrested on 10 p.m. on Tuesday after store detectives observed her taking $184 of merchandise from the store without paying. Palmer had previously been served with a No-Tresspassing warning after she was caught stealing from the same Walmart back in 2010. Because Palmer ignored the ban and her young daughter was with her at the time of the alleged crime, she is charged with Burglary and Child Endangerment. She was arraigned and remanded to the Rensselaer County Jail. Her daughter was placed in the custody of a relative.

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Nestle Meth

A shake and bake methamphetamine lab was found Saturday morning in a women’s rest room at Walmart in Boaz.

Boaz Police Chief Terry Davis said a cleaning crew found a Nestle water bottle and five empty packets of pseudoephedrine between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. in a stall in the restroom in the front of the store. He said the cleaning crew contacted managers, who contacted police.

Davis said the pseudoephedrine was another store’s brand and not a brand available at Walmart, so it is unclear why someone would bring the ingredients into the public restroom to make the batch of meth there.

Residue was found in the bottle, and it is believed the meth that was produced was removed from the bottle and possibly used in the restroom.

Davis said an investigation is continuing.

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