Lingering Lingerie


What in Sam Hill is going on here? Add one single blood red teardrop and this would be a solid horror movie poster


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Hump Day Late


Looking like two humpty dumptys sitting on a wall. Although there is already a crack so perhaps they don’t have to fear falling now.


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Tight Fit


Yo, I’ve seen some wheelchairs and scooters but I haven’t seen any Pimped out by Xzibit. Unfortunately we found out this bad mamma jamma and her little doggie were stuck in that little turn and basically blocked anyone from getting in or out of the bathroom for a bit. Handicapped accessible my ass. Gotta make those hallways bigger for these fly rides.


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A bra and some camo. Now that’s the type of girl you take home to mom and dad…mainly because your parents are also her mom and dad so you’re going to the same place anyway.


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