Fun With Animals

I was a CSM in a brand new store that was pretty understaffed. Most of my lunches had to be covered by my support manager, or any assistant manager who was feeling nice. One day when I came back, my support manager shoved the palm pilot and the schedule board into my hands and semi-yelled […]


even thought i must admit some of these pictures are quiet funny, do you not understand how hurtful it is to those people? i wouldnt want a picture of me on soem website and i doubt you would either..karmas a bitch remeber that…

We Found Captain Winky!

It was a wonderful morning at the local Walmart. I had worked for them for about 6 years at this point. I had seen some some funny stuff in my time, but this one took the cake. We had just opened the store and a wonderful woman walked in wearing a white tube top and […]


I would just like to say that I work at Wal Mart as a cashier and I usually check out PoWM before I go to work. It helps me get through the day. The people who write hate mail and feel that PoWM mocks innocent people have obviously never worked as a cashier in a […]