this site is lame. as are the people who post comments here. the photos are obviously not taken with peoples “consent”. most of the folks who you show on here are more than likely poor or mentally challenged. mind you, you reptillian fucks, I said MOST. some of the comments i see under these photos […]


Love the work you’re doing. Keep ’em comin’ I need the laugh.


what the fuck is wrong with you people how would you feel if somebody did this to you? you would be pretty hurt would you stupid bitch ass peices of shit. get a fucking life and do something you worthless ass motherfuckers

Mirror Image

At my local Walmart, employees usually wear team shirts or other fan apparel when there’s a big college game day. On one such occasion, I was checking out and noticed that the cashier ringing me up had something on her face. It looked so odd, that I began to stare and squinted in order to […]