Community Cookies

For some reason- and maybe it’s the whole “cookies and milk” combo, our WM keeps the baker’s rack of the items they’re trying to get rid of in the milk section. While picking up my milk, I witnessed a family- a mother (riding in the store’s motorized cart- too lazy to walk- later I witnessed […]

Camera Shy

I worked in the photo lab at Walmart. I had a customer come in and tell me she wanted me to take the film out of her camera. She put the camera on the counter and it was one of those disposable water cameras. I told her that you just turn the whole camera in […]

Quarter Machine

So I went to the local Walmart one night right after work (around 11pm) to pick up a few things I needed. I only grabbed a couple of things so I walked to the express check-out to try to get out of the store as quickly as possible. As I’m standing in line I notice […]