That’s Doo Doo Baby!

My sister used to work at one of the local Walmarts that happens to be on a side of town with a high immigrant population. This leads to many misunderstandings and sightings Americans might find culturally odd, no more, however, than what she witnessed one day. She was a cashier and during slow times of […]

Breakin’ Fingers

While at Wal-Mart, I overheard a mother yelling at her son, who was attached to the cart by a leash-like device and was touching everything that his 2-foot radius would allow. After ripping something out of his hands, she yelled (loud enough for all within a 200-ft earshot range to hear), “IF YOU DON’T STOP […]

Damn Kids…

I was taking a stroll through my local Wal-Mart, which is normally not a bad place to shop, heading to the toy department to get something for my niece’s birthday. All of a sudden a young boy pushes a cart with an infant strapped into the seat past me, running at top speed and hops […]


Hey guys; Just got on to your website for the first time. Its unbelievable how true these pics are from all walks of Wal-Mart. As I have told people before ,”you can be poor and keep yourself clean.” ‘You can be poor and still find an outfit that matches for God’s sake.” For all the […]