Unbelievably hilarous website. I laughed for hours. The captions are as funny as the pictures. While I normally will not shop at a walmart I can see I am missing some prime entertainment. Thanks for the fun and keep it up!

Mercury JJ

You sense of humor in the tag-lines are what make this site so excellant! Wouldn’t be as good without them. I hope that you send an automatic email to all the haters that advises them to read your ‘About Us’ page. Like your style. A lot!


My Aunt would totally fit in with some of these pictures of crazily dressed people…. now I just have to find a way to lure her nose-in-the-air self into Walmart so I can snap a photo….seriously…..

Public Display Of Disgusting

My girlfriend and I were walking through Wal-Mart the other night and the couple walking down the aisle in front of us were probably in their early 50’s. The man put his hand down the back of the woman’s pants and pulled her underwear up, then shoved his hand down her underwear and was rubbing […]