It is not wrong to laugh at these people. I am well educated and generally compassionate of the less fortunate, so you can’t say that I enjoy these photos due to ignorance or hatefulness. They’re just plain funny. Being poor does not in any way require you to go to the store looking like a […]


I am from Scotland and love this site. It makes me laugh everytime I check the site out. I hope to come to America someday and take some photos myself and post them for everyone to see.

Lie, Cheat, & Steal

I’ve been a CSM (Customer Service Manager) at Wally World for about 6 years now. We had been watching this woman for a few months and knew she had been stealing but just couldn’t seem to catch her, she was always one step ahead of us. One day I was at the service desk when […]

Restroom Rendezvous

So, I work third shift in a central Florida Walmart. Weekends are our busiest time, pretty much like any other store. Of course it has its strange and unusual tales like any third shift gimmick of equal proportion. But a few months back, I had the strangest encounter with one of our drunkest customers. Where […]