You guys are seriously F*CKED up. How the f*ck would you feel if people were out there making fun of your “problems” ALL OVER THE F*CKING INTERNET. YOU GUYS MAKE ME F*CKING SICK!!!!!!!! YOUR GUYS’ KARMA IS SERIOUSLY FUCKED. ENJOY YOUR PATHETIC LITTLE SHIT HEAD LIVES YOU TEEN TWATWAFFLE DOUCHECANOES!!!!!!! I CANNOT SAY FUCK YOU […]

Get Your Swerve On

Everyone knows Wally World is the best place to do any shopping after midnight. There’s such a delightful mix of people and creatures resembling people out. I stopped in around 1AM to grab a few snacks, and as I’m walking up to the building a man in an SUV rolls down his window to call […]


I love this site. It makes my day. Even better than the pictures and the stories are the hate letters. These people actually think this site is run by Wal-Mart! Wow! Never underestimate the power of human stupidity! I am just so glad that you have captured so much of it in one spot for […]

One-Two Punch

Last week my boyfriend and I were waiting in the checkout line at Wally World. As I was digging through my purse I heard him grunt in pain and yell. When I turned around all I managed to see was a gap-toothed, trucker hat wearing, hillbilly screaming at my boyfriend while a 13 or 14-year-old […]