Pooper Scooper

My mom and I were walking through the electronics section of Walmart when we noticed this guy with a super cute poodle in his arm. He decided to check out some movies and put the dog on the ground. The dog decided he needed to go potty really REALLY bad and pooped right there on […]

Laundry Day

Today I had to pull off the freeway due to nature calling, and my kid needed to get out of the car. So low and behold I see a Walmart and think “good enough”. So I head on in and wade through the copious amounts of screaming kids and “regulars” of said store to the […]

Golden Shower

On a sunny afternoon I decided to go to Wal-Mart and pick up a few things. I drove through the parking lot to try to find the perfect parking space, like everyone does, and I found one about 30 feet from the door. I was only lucky because there weren’t many people there that day. […]


This site is freaking hilarious and to all the people who say it’s making fun of poor people CALM DOWN. People shop at Walmart for convenience and good prices, not always because they’re poor. If you see a teen girl with nonexistent shorts and a hoochie top, WITH A GUCCI PURSE, she’s not poor. I […]