First off this is the second greatest website ever created, the first being Adult Swim. I have never laughed so hard in my entire life, I showed some of my buds and they almost shit their pants. The fact this site even exists is hilarious enough. Oh God the irony is too much. On that […]


This is possibly one of the greatest websites ever to be spawned. I’m not sure which is funnier though: the pictures, or the people in your “Hate Mail” section’s spelling abilities. Either way, I get a great chuckle. Thanks guys!


Dear people, I know that some people wear some cRaZy outfits, but some people just aren’t fashionably smart. It’s NOT funny to make fun of people and post them all over the internet. This is their own business. I can’t wait until you get sued by tons of people. This is ridiculous. GET A LIFE! […]


OMG…i came across your website and can’t stop looking at the people. I also read all the hate mail and laughed as well, as most if not all, stare and make fun of those on this website, but then say its a bad thing to do. With all the hate in the world, etc we […]