While at Walmart, I was walking past the register area and I spotted a wonderful specimen of Wal-Creature… A woman who’s hair was parted down the middle and half was jet black while the other half was LITERALLY neon pink (I wont even go in to the ridiculousness that was her outfit). So neon pink, […]

Hello & Goodbye

We rarely went to Walmart when I was a kid, but one day my grandmother asked my father if he could take her. It somehow turned into a family trip and my mother, sister and I tagged along. As we were shopping I had to go to the bathroom, so my mom told me to […]

Five Knuckle Shuffle

I have seen some pretty sick stuff since I started working for Walmart, but last night took the cake. I work at a Walmart in a college town and during the summer months we always have girls coming in to do late night shopping in their bikinis. Last night an older gentleman came into the […]