I’ll admit that I love your site as much as anyone and I’ve laughed at the stories and SOME of the pictures, but what truly disgusts me is the mount of overweight people and possible mentally ill people who are continuously made fun of and degraded. I am overweight myself, and NO I’m not proud […]


Fuck all the negativity this site is great. Of course you should be open to ugly people to their face, but why not make fun of them behind their backs? Fact: They know they are ugly, that’s why they have low self esteem. DUH!! Fact: Ugly people make us attractive people, feel good about how […]


Who ever invented this site I just want you to know I love you. Wanna get married? Yes or no?

Dog Food Diet

While waiting in line at my local Wal-Mart with a 50lbs bag of dog food, I had a woman ask me if I was going to feed my dogs. Now I’m a big fan of “here’s your sign” so this is how I responded… “No actually I’m on the dog food diet, you just carry […]