You website is amazing. It is still the first website I hit up every day to get a great laugh! What is funnier than the pictures is the comments. Keep up the good work! Don’t listen to the haters. Some people just deserve to be made fun of, and maybe it will be a good […]

Step By Step

Ok, so at the time, I was working in home remodeling sales. This means that I was on the road quite a bit and had to make use of public restrooms on a fairly regular basis. Typically, Home Depot and Lowes were my favorites, and Wawa’s were some of the worst. This one night in […]

Workin’ Up The Ladder

Picture it: Tupelo, Mississippi, 1982. I was a teenager working as a stockman at the local Wal-Mart. It was my job to unload trucks, stock the store, fix whatever was broken (lights, shelving, etc.), and to clean up spills. One day in the skin care aisle, this kid of about five years dropped trou and […]