Step By Step

Ok, so at the time, I was working in home remodeling sales. This means that I was on the road quite a bit and had to make use of public restrooms on a fairly regular basis. Typically, Home Depot and Lowes were my favorites, and Wawa’s were some of the worst. This one night in particular, I was on a job in North Philly. When I left the customer’s house, I decided I’d stop at the Wal-Mart across the street and use the restroom. When I walked in, I noticed a really bad smell. Being that this is the bathroom though, I really couldn’t fault anybody. As I stepped up to the urinal however, I looked around and saw that there were shitty footprints all over the bathroom, leading both to and from the stall area. I think I must have made one of the funniest faces ever as I stood there in shock trying to decide what to do. My initial reaction was to run away like a little girl, but after a couple seconds, I figured that since I really had to pee and I was only 5 feet from the urinal, I might as well do what I had to do and then leave. I took a leak, then tiptoed out of the restroom like I was trying to step over landmines in Cambodia. Going to any Wal-Mart is bad enough, but never again will I go to a Wal-Mart in North Philly.

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