What The Bloody Hell?!?

I work the overnight shift at the Wonderful World of Wally and I have seen some strange, interesting, hilarious and down right scary things and people. Last night nature called and since I was near the front of the store I decided to use the public restroom. First and last time I will ever do […]


I really had to pee and went into a Wally World bathroom. I’m sitting in the stall (I’m a chick by the way) and all of the sudden there is a lady standing at the door to my stall, looking at me through the crack, and knocking on the door. I was totally freaked out […]

Hillbilly Heroin

I had gone to Walmart to buy an iPod charger for my car. I walked out the doors behind these two “wannabe gangsta” white guys in their 20’s. When they got outside they both stopped, and one of the guys held up one of those small paper bags that you get from the Pharmacy section. […]