I loooooove this site! Please, never take it down or I will be sad and cry!! I stopped going to Walmart about a year ago to save my own sanity. Because of this site, I can still see the freak show, but from the comforts of my own home. Thank you so much, PoW!!!!! Keep […]


If I ever saw myself in some shit like this I’d beat the living fuck outta the webmaster and then the person who took the pic, obviously the guy who created this webpage doesn’t wanna be seen, that’s why there’s no pic’s of him anywhere on this sight, have a nice day!


Hey guys I love this website ive been on it for hours laughing away to myself. You should make an iPhone app for it. A good old laugh on the go. I live in the UK and it would be brill if we had something like this 😀 Love you guys 🙂


This website is the tits. And ass, and whatever else people seem to expose at walmart.