This site is freakin’ hilarious, so to whoever writes the captions—you’re awesome. Now, because of this site, I can’t go to Walmart without a bit of hope that I may find my very own Walcreature.


I love this site. And America. Because in America, I’d look thin and normal 🙂


Love the site! The thing I hate is the idiots who post that a pic isn’t “POW worthy” like there is some rule to how fat a person has to be in the pic in order to post it. I find 99% of the pics on this site funny, if you don’t, then don’t post […]


I was reading some of your hate mail and thought it was HILARIOUS. What really made me laugh was the blatant misspelling of words and gross misuse of the English language. You should dedicate a special section of POWM for those idiots. They can send in their photos and everything! I get the impression they […]