Red Faced At Redbox

The other day I was walking into Walmart to make a quick return. As I walked through the door, I notice the typical female Walcreature (badly permed mullet, NASCAR t-shirt that was ever so cleverly turned into a dingy, bra-showing NASCAR tank top) standing by a Redbox. This lady looked about 12 kinds of pissed […]

The Day I Got Rebuked

Several years back I was in the process of doing some repairs around the house and needed some hardware. I had some errands to run and Wally World was on the way so I figure I’d go there for what I needed. I don’t usually shop at Wal Mart, but this time I’m glad I […]

The Flying Shoe

They just opened a Walmart in Greenwood, Indiana. My mom and I were there shopping and heading to the makeup aisle. All of a sudden we heard a kid throwing a fit and WOOOOOOSH. He threw his shoe over the aisle and it landed 5 or 6 aisles over. Then his hillbilly mother mother started […]