The Day I Got Rebuked

Several years back I was in the process of doing some repairs around the house and needed some hardware. I had some errands to run and Wally World was on the way so I figure I’d go there for what I needed. I don’t usually shop at Wal Mart, but this time I’m glad I did. The entertainment was worth it.

After getting what I needed I headed back to my vehicle. Despite the fact that the presidential election was well over with, and George Dumbya Bush had been re-elected, I still had several anti-Bush bumper stickers on the back of my truck. Quite often I would find notes on my windshield from people who like them and agreed with what they said, and an occasionally someone would leave express a less than favorable opinion, and quite often people would actually engage me in conversation about it. So when I saw rather large women (in a house dress, none-the-less) standing behind my truck reading the bumper stickers I knew that some discussion was imminent. And judging by this person’s appearance I kinda figured out where it would. I thought I might be able to get into my truck and just avoid it all together…. wrong. As I was sticking the key in the door lock this woman says “how can you say things like this about our president?” I responded “Well, perhaps it’s because they’re true!” With that she extended an open palm toward me and with a pained expression on her face loudly said “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!” I never quite know how to respond to such things. I just said “Yeah, ok lady, whatever you say,” and got into my truck.

Luckily the space ahead of me was empty so I could pull out as she wasn’t moving and I didn’t want to dent my bumper backing over her.

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