All Aboard The Walmart Express!

Walmart Express

Move over Little Engine that could, and hey Chuggington there is no room for you in this space. They don’t have 4 wheel drive, but there are 16 wheels in total, along with 4 social security cards, and 2 cartons of cigs, with a side of chew.


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  1. lol says:

    The Trumpanzee Train!

    Instead of a whistle, all you can hear is the sound of sharts.

    If these ignorant, fat asses would stand up and walk maybe they wouldn’t be so pathetic.

    There is nothing to do about the dumbassery, that is an inherent Trumpanzee trait

    • dlsafd says:

      Does another four years of Trumpanomics got you down?
      You should get a job!

    • lol says:

      I realize your goal in life is to insult those you disagree with as much as possible, but if you apply some logic to this, fat, unemployed, shopping at walmart on a lazy-buggy – I guarantee every one of them voted for Biden. Nice try though. But then you’ve shown us how unintelligent you can be.

      • lol says:


        Trump attracts the dregs of society.

        The rednecks, hillbillies, sister-bangers, trailer-dwellers and other assorted trash.

        In other words: Walmart’s target market.

  2. Scorched Earth says:

    That is one train that I want to hit me!

    Scorched Earth

  3. Steve Canyon says:

    Breaker Breaker, this here’s the Pig Pen, we got ourselves a convoy.

    If there were 2 more of them, this would qualify as a stampede.

    The little engine that could said “I think I can, I think I can”, this little ‘beetus cart said “why me? why me?”

    Advances in technology have resulted in the lack of black smoke bellowing from the ass of the one in front, and the environment is better for it.

    This is the definition of “Gross Weight”.

    Somewhere, some tagging crew is salivating at the opportunity to spray paint their tags on the side of this.

  4. rudy says:

    I hate those darn things. Put a fat pig in one of them and they think they’re entitled to run over anyone walking. Then they leave the darn things in the middle of the parking lot. Unbelievable. The dregs are piling up in our society.

    • Youngsters suck too says:

      I hate the young sluts who think they are cute – the distorted bodies n faces like drag queens who think they’re sooooo insta-or tiktok cute, or the hood rat hoes swig think no one dose matters but them, n the grimy red neck sluts who look like they crawled out of a dumpster full of horny cousins…..
      All that trash is ruining society as well!

      • dlsafd says:

        I love sluts!
        You sound like a faggot.

      • lol says:

        It is okay that you are gay, no need to be passive-aggressive about it.

        You shouldn’t speak ill of rednecks, there are a lot who post here and start crying when someone writes the truth about those mouthbreathers. Rednecks are some of the most delicate snowflakes in history, well not as sensitive as their orange fuhrer.

  5. U_Suk_A_Lot says:

    I absolutely love how everyone seems to believe that there is no legitimate use for the scooters. It would be an awesome future where you need to use one of these puppies. Hopefully the only ones available to you will be covered in fecal matter.

    • dlsafd says:

      I assume the one you use on a daily basis and leave behind for someone else to clean is covered in fecal matter.
      The fact is the only one in that picture that should be using a scooter is the old lady in the front. The other three fat lazy slobs should be walking. Which one are you? the second one who’s calves are thicker than telephone poles?

    • lol says:

      Besides, people in casts, ya know legitimate uses and people who need a scooter long-term, but most have their own.

      The people that use the ones provided by the stores are willful fatasses. They made themselves morbidly obese. There is no excuse for them. At all.

      End of story

  6. CorBon says:

    The Walmart Bobsled Team.

  7. becca says:

    When I had my knees replaced, those things were wonderful.

  8. lol says:

    Pro-tip for the obese: park in the back of the lot, push a shopping cart while on your own two feet, and walk back to your car.

    You will benefit greatly from such a sedentary activity. Don’t worry that you are winded, that is a good thing and sooner or later you won’t get winded from it.

    Start walking. You will thank yourself.

    Let people who have a legitimate need use them. Help yourself and others with zero effort. Win/win!

  9. yfnjifObtairm says:


  10. Jed Clampett says:

    It’s like the WalMart version of “Human Centipede”!

    • Steve Canyon says:

      No. “Love Train” by the O’Jays. First stop is in pastries. Load up on donuts, twinkies and cupcakes too. Tell all the folks over in produce, we ain’t going to be seeing you. People all over the world, join in, start Lard Train, Lard Train.

  11. poundingObtairm says:


  12. Steve says:

    Haven’t seen that many scooters in one place since my last Carnival Cruise.

  13. dtkzObtairm says:


  14. NoraObtairm says:


  15. venedimychObtairm says:


  16. IamTheFlip says:

    Anthony Miller Sr. I can see this happening!

  17. possum says:

    Now I’ve been smiling lately,
    Thinkin’ about Walmart sales to come
    And I believe it could be,
    Battery charging has begun

    Oh lard train sounding louder
    Glide on the lard train
    Come on now lard train
    Yes, lard train holy roller

    Everyone jump upon the lard train
    Come on now, lard train

  18. me says:

    Now they can use the HOV checkout lane!

  19. ltybcfObtairm says:


  20. genuleObtairm says:


  21. duklidaObtairm says:


  22. LavrentichObtairm says:


  23. Jason says:

    German Panzers storm the fields of Prokhorovka, Summer 1943

  24. Zena Marsh says:

    We got ourselves a convoy!

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