Car Hoarder

My husband and I went to a local Wal-mart one night to grab a few things. We go to this one often, and are pleased by the friendly people who work there, as well as the shelves always being well stocked. I drove down an aisle to go park and noticed a parking spot right up front next to the handicapped ones. I pulled next to a tan sedan that was parked on my right. I happened to glance over as I started to roll my window up, and froze. “OH MY GOD” I said loudly. My hubby wasnt paying much attention to the the car next to me. “Look!” I said as we got out. We looked, and our jaws hit the ground. Outside, the car looked normal. It was INSIDE the car. In the car, was….well…everything but the kitchen sink. Literally. Piled to the roof was..snacks, dixie cups, detergant, clothes, paper plates, napkins…anything and everything you can imagine was in that car. Piled into the back window even. The only clear spot was for where the driver sits, but stuff was even piled into the dash! When we came back out, the car was still there, only now there was a large woman sitting in the drivers seat. How she made it there without getting pulled over, every window was blocked except the front window and drivers window, I dont even know.

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