Target On Your Back

I work in guest service at Target. In my town, the WalMart is a “supercenter” with a grocery store, whereas the Target where I work is very small with hardly any groceries. Both stores are also directly next to each other. After closing Target one night, I headed to the 24-hour WalMart to pick up some groceries I had forgotten I needed for a party the next day (otherwise I would never set foot in the place!)

I was still wearing my Target issued red shirt and khaki pants, and I had also forgotten I was still wearing my Target name tag. As I was walking through the drink/snack/alcohol aisle, I heard another customer ask one of the few employees where the ice cube trays were. The employee, who was stocking shelves and seemed a little annoyed at the question, said “I don’t know, try the next aisle.” After hearing this and not wanting the poor woman to wander lost, I piped up and told both the employee and the customer that the ice cube trays were way across the store, in the section with the kitchen appliances. The other customer thanked me and went on her way, and I just kept shopping. The employee, however, scowled and walked away.

A few minutes later, as I had moved on to the baking aisle, I was approached by a manager and the employee from earlier. The manager told me that I couldn’t be in WalMart “promoting” Target to other customers (remember that name tag?) and that I had to leave. I looked at him with a confused look, looked down at what I was wearing, laughed, dropped my basket, and left.

Now that’s what I call great customer service.

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While at Walmart, I was walking past the register area and I spotted a wonderful specimen of Wal-Creature… A woman who’s hair was parted down the middle and half was jet black while the other half was LITERALLY neon pink (I wont even go in to the ridiculousness that was her outfit). So neon pink, that I guess that there would be no way in the world for this color to even exist in hair dye. I quickly looked interested in some purses to hide and take a picture to submit here when her friend, a Wal-creature as well, comes bounding toward me as if she were an 800 pound gorilla and I was a bunch of bananas (no quite as far off of a description as it sounds). She started screaming at me asking if I was a paparazzi, and did I even know who she was, and how dare I try to capture their pictures, etc.. I kindly replied that no, I did not in fact know who she was nor was I a paparazzi. She then demanded that we “take this outside” to which I said “No thanks, but I’m sure the police would be happy to meet you out there.” Apparently that scared her sufficiently and she stormed away. I did not dare to even attempt another picture.

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Microsoft Went Down 3 Points

Generally, I don’t see many crazy people at my local Walmart since we’re in an upper/middle class area.
A few weeks ago I noticed a very well dressed woman wearing designer clothes, hair all styled, looking like she’s about to head out to the country club. While doing my shopping, I noticed that every few items she would pick up, she would throw it on the ground really hard and dent the can/box whatever. The weirdest part was that she would put the damaged item in her cart after slamming it to the ground. Thinking this was rather peculiar, I followed her down a few more isles until she picked up a bottle of maple syrup. Again she slammed the bottle to the ground. Only this time, the bottle exploded sending the thick, sticky, maple syrup everywhere and pooling on the floor. She just walked away like nothing happened. I found the nearest employee (who looked totally shocked and dumbfounded when I told him what I’d seen) so he could clean up the mess. Later, while I was heading up to check out I noticed her at the check out arguing with the cashier about getting discounts on her “damaged items” with the syrup cleaning associate standing nearby talking with the manager.

I found out from a later visit that she had to play full price on every item AND for other items she had damaged throughout the store. When I see her around now I usually tell the employees of whatever store she’s in what her game is.

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Yeah, I Choked Him.

ELYRIA, Ohio – Elyria police arrested two women accused of attacking a 71-year-old Walmart greeter Saturday.

According to a police report, 49-year-old Toni Duncan and 21-year-old Ashley Jackson arrived at the Elyria Walmart Saturday and attempted to reload a gift card at the customer service desk and send a money order.

When they were not helped, the two became upset and walked away. As they went to exit the store, the greeter asked them for a receipt for their merchandise, which they did not have.

Police said the women then began yelling obscenities and racial slurs at the man. Duncan then pushed a shopping cart into the man and grabbed him by his throat choking him, according to the police report.

The report states Jackson yelled at the man, “If you don’t let go of the receipt I’m going to punch you in the face.”

Another employee stepped in to stop the assault. Jackson then ran back over to the customer service desk threatening to punch a female worker in the face yelling obscenities and racial slurs, police said.

Jackson then yelled three times, “I’m going to blow Walmart up,” causing customers to be concerned, according to the report.

The women were warned by workers to watch their language. They continued to swear as they exited the store.

Police were called to the scene and approached the women in the parking lot. When officers asked Jackson what had happened, she became angry and wouldn’t say anything. When asked if she had threatened to blow up the store, Jackson told officers “Yeah I did, I did, so there,” according to the police report.

The women were advised to go to the Elyria Police Department to give their written statements while officers investigated the incident.

The elderly greeter had no visible injuries when the police contacted him, but he did have a red mark on his neck right after being choked.

Duncan was charged with assault and Jackson was charged with inducing panic and aggravated menacing.

While officers advised Duncan of the assault charge she stated, “Yeah, I choked him.”

Both Duncan and Jackson were processed and released on a summons. Both will appear before a judge in court. Jackson had two small children in the car during this incident.

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