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Yesterday my mother and I were at Walmart. An overweight woman was taking up one of the aisles and I politely said “Excuse me.” She moved over and said, “Dont mind me, I’m just trying to find anti-itch cream. This rash has been driving me crazy! First it started here, (as she points to her female parts) then it started spreading right down my leg! I had to do something before it got out of control. Who knows where it was going to itch next!” I completely ignored her and walked away where I began laughing hysterically.

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My wife and I took one of our kids to Super Wally World on Black Friday for the big sales. I told her that I had to go to the little girls room and I would be right back. Naturally, I don’t trust the seats at Walmart especially after seeing your site and how nasty these primates are. So, I put some tissue down and did my business.

After I was done, I walked back to electronics to meet my wife and kid. I found her and she was laughing her ass off, so was my kid. I asked what the hell was going on and she told me to look behind me.

Apparently I had what looked like a 5 foot piece of toilet paper that had gotten “stuck” to my clothes, (coming from inside my pants) and hung down past my feet.

I walked all the way from the front of the store, to the rear with this damn thing hanging there and not one person said anything about it.

I ripped it off, threw it down next to the wife as she was laughing so hard that she was crying, then bolted to the next aisle.

I am really suprised that I did not end up on your webpage, would have been an instant classic.

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The Cocaine Diet

I was standing behind two young girls at my local Walmart a couple of weeks go. One girl casually stated that she was going on a cocaine diet. The other girl said she found starving herself a much cheaper & effective way to lose weight because you don’t have to buy cocaine or food. I could not believe I was witnessing this conversation.

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Dog Food!!!

One Walmart experience among many – I am trying to get to the dog food aisle with my cart to grab a 40 lb. bag. Of course there is a giant pillar in the middle of the aisle and pallets of food are strategically stacked to make one’s shopping experience the “total Walmart package.” The “Round Family” barrels towards me. Pa, in his overalls with no shirt on underneath and more hair on his back than Cousin It, leads his brood past me 3 abreast shoving me into into the dog food racks. I SARCASTICALLY say, “Excuse me!” Ma turns to me and grunts at me while whackin’ at little Cletus, and says, “No problem.” I respond, “You clearly don’t get sarcasm, do you?” She says, “You’ll have to ask someone who works here where that is.”

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