Check Out These Guns

One evening I decided to make a quick trip to my local Walmart to pick up some items I needed for my bedroom. Once I was there I decided to go look at some of the notebooks because I was going to need a new one for one of my classes at school. I was looking at the prices when an older man walked into the same aisle and started talking. I assumed he was on a blue tooth because he was just chattering away. It wasn’t until I looked up that I realized he was in fact speaking to me and the conversation he was trying to have with me had to do with concealed handguns. He started proudly showing me his jacket telling me how he recently bought it because it actually had the pockets on the inside to hold ammo and a gun and I he told me “I could be carrying a gun right now, and no one would know!”

At this point I was certain he was going to be pulling out his gun next. I started looking around for any quick escape and he continues to tell me about how he teaches classes so people can be licensed to carry the concealed hand weapons. I guess he noticed that I kept looking around so he asked me where my husband was. I guess he hadn’t noticed that I wasnt wearing a ring so I stuck my hand in my pocket before he could notice and told him that my husband was in the store and probably looking for me at this point and ran as fast as I could out of the aisle before he could stop me again.

I guess thats what I get for living in Texas.

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