I work night shift at Walmart, which means I see some grade-A crazies. One night when I came in to begin my shift, I noticed a cart from a store across the street in the entry way filled with stuff. I asked the greeter about it and he said a woman had come in around […]


This site is so awesome! Whenever I’m having a shitty day I come here and laugh at the Wal-creatures…hahahha.

Check Out These Guns

One evening I decided to make a quick trip to my local Walmart to pick up some items I needed for my bedroom. Once I was there I decided to go look at some of the notebooks because I was going to need a new one for one of my classes at school. I was […]


Love the website!! I know ill probably go to hell for laughing and posting funny things about the freaks, but sometimes a good public humiliation to get their heads right.