One evening as I was going to Walmart after my classes at GSU, it happened. I was walking down an aisle when I stumbled upon what looked like a man on the floor. I went back for a closer look, and there was a man and woman on the floor rolling around making out. I was absolutely shocked and just walked away. I then realized I needed to pick up something in the bra aisle, the aisle they were rolling around in of course. So, I went back hoping someone had noticed them and they would have been taken care of. Walking back, I stepped into the aisle and there they were, but this time something was different. They were completely naked! His male business was all up in hers! I was so shocked I began to gag, and went to get someone. I couldn’t find an employee, or manager of any type and it was getting late. I went back into the aisle to find them standing up feeling up on each other, I gave a soft cough and they looked up. It was very awkward for a couple seconds, and then the woman broke the silence, “What do you need? A bra? Look you got big tits, here!” She threw me a bra WAY too big for me, the man just stood there, nude and all. Then he said to me, “Come here hun, yours are bigger than hers. Lemme stick this baby in ya!” I let out a screech and ran, thankfully to find the manager who called the police and they were escorted out. But apparently, according to the cop, they couldn’t find their clothes and continued rolling around having sexual content in the back of the car! I was so outraged. I have never been to Walmart since!

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