Dirty Diaper

While working one night I was walking towards the back of the store when I happened upon a couple of streaks on the floor. I didn’t think anything of a few dark scuff marks until I stepped on one and slipped. Then the smell hit me.

I glanced down at what I thought had just been marks on the floor, it was poop. I looked around for the source of the mystery poo and saw that a couple more feet down the isle was a long streak of poo, going at least 50 ft. I followed the poo trail and discovered a woman standing by a cart with a baby in it, and on the bottom of her cart was a dirty diaper wedged in the wheel. It turns out she changed her baby, threw the diaper on the floor and then proceded to run it over and not give a sh*t (no pun intended) that she was dragging last night’s dinner of mashed peas and Cheetos all over the store. I got the manager, he dealt with the woman and then asked me to clean it up, since I was already covered in it. No way.

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