Happy Easter!

My mom and I were in Walmart on Easter getting some food for dinner. We’re both rocker chicks, but we’re not stupid and over-the-top. We were both wearing band t-shirts, and a couple walked by us who had obviously just gotten out of church.

They were a manic short guy, who reminded me of a Walmart version of Tom Cruise, and his overweight girlfriend. When they saw my mom and I, they instantly shouted, “Happy Easter!” at us and stared for a second before walking off.

A few minutes later, I headed over to the yogurt when I saw the couple standing right in front of the toilet paper aisle, in a circle with a few other people, praying. Yes, praying smack in the middle of Walmart by the toilet paper. I made a face at them and kept walking.

Every time we walked by the couple, the manic short guy stared me down like he saw Satan’s minions flying out of my body or something. Then he stared at my chest for a second before walking on.

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