Huff & Puff

My husband and I were looking through the $5 DVD bin at one of our local Walmarts one day when we overheard a woman asking the electronics department employee if they could come help. She said there was a woman laying unconscious in a nearby aisle. We figured we would take a look and see if we could help, so we headed to where they were. As we got to the aisle we see a young woman arguing with the other customer and the employee. It turns out she had been huffing the compressed air cleaner stuff for computers and had passed out. She was claiming she hadn’t, but the lady kept telling her that she had witnessed her doing it. She finally just stormed off. After she left we noticed a puddle of clear liquid on the floor. She had been passed out for so long that she had drooled a puddle about the size of a frisbee onto the floor. Now every time we walk past that aisle, my husband and I have to make jokes about huffing.

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