Taco Hell

I walked into a Walmart at around 11PM, as work doesn’t allow me to get to “superstores” earlier… and in perfect Walmart fashion I arrived to purchase ammunition that I heard Walmart carried. Well, before heading to the ammo section, I decided to hit he bathroom up before heading back to the Sporting Section of […]

White To Brown

I was at my local Walmart yesterday and noticed a woman ahead of me in line wearing very tight white capris. They appeared to be sprayed onto her butt, and her thong created a very deep indentation that was hard to ignore. She wiggled her butt as she chatted, creating quite a spectacle. Her pants […]

Huff & Puff

My husband and I were looking through the $5 DVD bin at one of our local Walmarts one day when we overheard a woman asking the electronics department employee if they could come help. She said there was a woman laying unconscious in a nearby aisle. We figured we would take a look and see […]