I Wanna F*** You Like An Animal

I was working in the pet department one late Friday night and I was the only one around at the time. I was scrubbing the tanks when these two furries, one was dressed like a wolf and the other was a moose wearing a bikini, walked up to me and asked me where the dog food was. Well, I made the mistake of asking “What kind of dog is it for?”

The moose said “Oh, it’s for my friend here.” So I pointed to where the dog food was and they went off in that direction. A little bit later, I was getting ready to leave for the night and I began checking the whole department for customers that I could help before I left. Well I came around the corner of the dog food section and right in the middle of the aisle were the furries making out on the floor. I was so grossed out that I nearly puked. I went to the nearest phone and rang up security to escort the two love critters out. Security showed up and I darted for the nearest restroom to puke and then clock out and go home.

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