Ice Bath

Back in my days of working at Walmart on a disgustingly hot August day (98* outside), a woman stormed up to the next register over and demand we refund the money that her husband had earlier that day purchased water with. My manager heard her screaming, and came over as cashier was trying to not laugh as he had the receipt in his hand. She went off on manager explaining how SHE didn’t waste money on water when she can get it from the tap, and it’s our fault that said water was all over the backseat of her car. Manager asked when the spouse had gotten the water and she said oh he was here at 2pm, and he left the items in the car while he ran other errands and got home at 6:30pm. Then she found the water, and came storming in.

Manager takes receipt. Reads it. Starts in with “Ma’am, your husband purchased…” She interupts screaming with “My husband wanted to purchase ICE. The idiot here sold him WATER.”

I never realized that people did not know that ice when left to sit out in 98* weather will melt and turn into water.

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