The Morning After Pill

I went to a Wal-Mart in Crosby, Texas today to pick up a cake for a friend. When I was waiting to check out, a woman came up in line behind me on her cell phone, clearly upset at whomever was calling her. I only heard her end of the conversation, but it was pretty clear what it was about….

“I told you not to call me until you pay me the $50 you owe me!”….”It was $50 because they didn’t have the generic prescription!”….”Well it’s your own damn fault I had to use the Morning After Pill anyway, so you should pay for it!!”

What made the situation absolutely priceless was that her mom was with her in line and didn’t seem at all fazed by her daughter’s conversation. I kept imagining that she was thinking, “Too bad they didn’t have the Morning After Pill when I was her age….”

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